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All Photographs are available for Purchase
Fine art prints
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Kliptown in Black & White >>
Soweto in Color
Soweto in Color >>
Corona Virus
Covid-19 South Africa >>
Covid-19, SA Pg 2 >>
Wildlife >>
Wildlife Art
Fine Art Wildlife >>
We are one
Click here to view documentary on prayer during Covid-19 >>

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:: Stock Photos ::

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ic-creations :: ossendryver :: media media and photographic studio based in South Africa.

We also do photographic trips: Soweto & Other Townships - Daily Trips through the eyes of a photojournalist. Click here to see more about the trips...

We also photograph all events, news, editorial, public relations and documentary essays. See portfolio...

ic-creations :: ossendryver :: media also creates for you, iPhone apps, multimedia presentations as well as stock photos for you to enhance your project.

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Photo courses for Children and Adults
Give your children or adults a chance to learn about photography.
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:: Tour Soweto & Other Townships, through the eyes of a photojournalist.
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:: The Last Remaining Jews of Ethiopia...

:: The Ethiopian Jews of Israel (book photos)...

All photos are copyrighted to Ilan Ossendryver. No image may be used without permission.