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    WHAT IS IAEJ (Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews)?

    Formed in 1993, the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews (IAEJ) is the only organization in Israel working exclusively to advocate for the full and rapid integration of Ethiopian Jews into mainstream Israeli society. IAEJ is an Ethiopian led organization that focuses primarily on education as the key to Ethiopian integration and mobility within Israeli society. Recognizing the interrelated nature of education and other absorption needs, IAEJ has expanded its focus to also include the reform of employment and housing policies related to the Ethiopian community in Israel. IAEJ's main goal is to ensure the complete and effective absorption of Ethiopian Jews into Israeli society through an informed and empowered Ethiopian citizenry.

    IAEJ accomplishes its mission through direct advocacy in government ministries and in the Knesset, as well as by providing information to the community, policy makers and the media. IAEJ initiates community empowerment projects that provide Ethiopian citizens in Israel with knowledge and tools that enable them to bridge the social and cultural gaps they face, and access the social and legal rights to which they are entitled.


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