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Facts about the Community

IAEJ (The Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews) is working hard to improve these statistics:

70% of Ethiopian families have no incoming salary.
63% of employed Ethiopians work in non-professional fields.
The average Ethiopian salary is below the poverty line.
Only 32% of Ethiopian fathers and 10% of Ethiopian mothers are employed.
40% of Ethiopian students in grades 1-9 are below the class level for reading.
60% of Ethiopian students in grades 1-6 are below the class level in Hebrew and Mathematics.
6.2% of Ethiopian students drop out of school between the ages of 14-17.
This is double the national average.
Only 28% of Ethiopian students pass the matriculation exams-less than half the national average.
46% of Ethiopian students are sent to boarding schools due to financial hardship.
45% of Ethiopian parents can not speak even basic Hebrew.
49% of Ethiopian families live with two or more people in each room.
Due to multiple hardships, the number of juvenile delinquents is double among the Ethiopian population.
Between 1996-1999, the number of Ethiopian youth arrested increased by 255%.

Your support and assistance can help change this reality!

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