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If you would like to get involved with the IAEJ (The Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews) or have any comments, ideas, questions, and input, in the U.S. or Israel, please contact us at or fill out the form below.

As always, we appreciate your assistance in expanding our list of the email addresses of those interested in the Ethiopian Community in Israel.

Friends of the IAEJ

We are pleased to have a sister organization the United States called Friends of the IAEJ. Friends of the IAEJ will be raising funds and engaging in educational activities in support of IAEJ's programs in Israel. Contributions and/or correspondence may be sent to:

United States
Friends of the IAEJ, Inc.
P.O. Box 267
New London, NH 03257
Phone: (800) 237-0968
Fax: (603) 526-2514
New Israel Fund
801 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 401
Toronto, OntM5N 1E3
United Kingdom
New Israel Fund
26 Enford Street
London W1H2DD

Mailing Address:
Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews
28 Pierre Koenig Street, 2nd Floor
Jerusalem 93169 Israel
Phone: 972-2-678-9673
Fax: 972-2-679-0412


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